What I Learned Coming to America

Written by Sandra Reategui from Peru when in IELI level 4

Life is not always as someone might think. When I was living in Lima, Peru, I used to know the rules of the game, the people, the customs and beliefs in my society. I thought that was the right way of living, the normal and the best. I was one of them, part of the majority. Now everything is different.

Being part of the minority is tough. I’ve never thought about that until I came to Logan, to Utah State University to study and my entire world changed.

Nothing here looks like Lima. I was impressed to notice how different everything is. The language, the weather, houses, food, music, people, clothing, the system, what is considered acceptable by this society and what is not are just few examples. The worse of all is that it wasn’t only that, but also, new things I never thought came out. I never thought I was dark skin and I never thought I was Latin, because according to what I think, I’m Peruvian, and that’s it. I’m different from other people in Latin America.

Moving here to Logan, Utah made me realize more things about my identity, my beliefs and me. I had a hard time trying to find myself in my role as friend, woman, student and God’s daughter as well as the daughter of the one who is waiting for me in Lima, my dad.