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Driver's Test (License) of Logan

Written by Young-Mi from Korea when in IELI level 2

I had a new experience to take the driver’s license test composed of a written test and a road test. Last August, I came to Logan. My husband is a visiting scientist. He will stay until next August in Logan with my family. I have to drive for my life. For example, I have to drive my three children, go to the market, and when my family travels to another place, I have to drive with my husband. Therefore, I have to get a driver’s license.

Two weeks ago, I tried for it. First, I took an eye test. Second, I took a written test. In the written test, I took a test looking at the Driver Handbook. It was an open book test. I took two hours to finish it. Then I gave the test paper to an office woman and I could know promptly my test points. Then I made a new appointment for the date and time of the road test.

Already, I have a driver’s license in Korea and have an international driver’s license for foreigners abroad. I knew I could use it during the 1 year, however, the law of Utah permits only six months of use. I could not understand this. However, I have to obey the law. I think that the road test is easy because I already can drive. However, there was a perplexing problem. It was the head check. This is looking toward the back during driving when changing lanes, turning left, turning right, making a u-turn, and backing up. I did not train for the head check. In Korea, it was not important. Generally, most people in Korea do not pay attention to the head check. I have the same habit as other people. When I drive, I usually look at the three mirrors.