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IELI Testing & Placement

The IELI Placement Test is given at the beginning of every semester. You take this test if you are new student or have been away from IELI for one year or longer.

You are placed into one of four class levels based on your total score. Except for writing, subscores are not used for placement in individual skill areas. If your writing score is lower than expected for your level, you will be placed in a lower level writing class. The highest possible score is 175. Test scores and their corresponding levels are as follows:

Total ScoreLevel
0 — 65Level 1
66 — 105Level 2
106 — 125Level 3
126 — 145Level 4
146 & aboveUniversity

Writing Scores

Level 1: 1 to 10 points; Level 2: 11 to 16 points; Level 3: 17 to 22 points; Level 4: 23 to 30 points; No writing: 31 points or higher.

Level I is high beginning. Students entering IELI must have a basic knowledge of English in listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

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