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Internship Panels

Each semester we hold an open Q&A panel with former interns so prospective interns can come ask questions, network, and explore internship opportunities.

Don't miss this chance to talk with former interns and fine out what intern life is all about.



September 24, 2014   3:00 p.m. LIB 154
Valerie Anderson is a graduate student focusing on her Masters of Accountancy in the Huntsman School of Business. In 2012, Valerie interned in Congressman Rob Bishop’s D.C. Office. She received her undergraduate in Accounting and is a Huntsman Scholar.
Cami Haderlie received both her masters and undergraduate degrees in Political Science at Utah State. During that time, she served as the Graduate Student Senate President for ASUSU (2011 – 2012), served on the Government Relations Council for three years, and was heavily involved with ASUSU, planning major university events. Her internship experience includes a summer working for D.C. lobbyist Tim Stewart, and also an earlier internship with the Logan First District Court.
Adam Stewart was recently hired as a staffer for Congressman Rob Bishop’s Ogden office. He graduated in May with a dual bachelors in Economics and Law and Constitutional Studies. During his time at Utah State, Adam interned at the Utah State Senate for then-Senator Greg Bell, and in D.C. for Congressman Bishop. Adam is a Huntsman Scholar, Koch Scholar, and Buehler Scholar.
Moderator: Dr. Damon Can