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To apply for these internships, please download the application packet or apply online, fill it out, and bring it to Old Main 109, or email it to Applications for Spring, 2016 are being acceppted, although some internships have been filled.

Some internships you must apply for directly through their organization. If this is the case, the description will have direction on how to apply. Please let us know when you apply for these internships. We have connections in many of these offices, and we can make sure they see your application. Note that some of these organizations may have different deadlines.



Republican National Committee

The Republican National Committee works to promote conservative values and advance the goals of the Republican party. There are many internships available at the RNC. Students can work in the Chairman's office, press office, research, GOP TV, new media, finance, political, strategy, member services, network operations, and constituent services.

To apply to this internship, you will need to visit their website

Location: Washington, D.C.

Semester offered: Spring, Summer, Fall

Duties vary based on the office you intern in
Expect to perform basic office tasks
Assist your specific branch in achieving its goals