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Posted by: Andrea Cannon on May 29, 2014

Why Work on a Campaign

Spencer Jenkins, campaign manager at Pignanelli for Mayor, answers questions about what it is like to work for a campaign, and why you should consider it.
1.      What value can students or interns bring to a political campaign? What type of work is typically needed by campaigns? 
The work can vary from posting campaign signs to developing strategy. Campaigns generally run very lean so the most valuable interns are the ones that are committed to assisting the candidate – even in seemingly mundane ways.
2.      What is different and better about working for a campaign than working in other political internships?
A campaign has a lot of excitement focused on a candidate or cause – not always found when working in a policy or legislative office. That excitement also forges a stronger network of professional acquaintances for future opportunities.
3.      How has your career benefited from working on campaigns? Or what is your favorite memory/experience during the campaign or election process? 
Aside from my college degree, my campaign internship experiences have more directly benefited my career growth opportunities than anything else in my professional experience. Even those campaigns that were not victorious, there was still a great sense of satisfaction that comes from hard, committed work for a cause I personally supported.
4.      What is the best way for students to get involved in campaigns?
Find a candidate or cause you believe in, commit some time, and ask to help! 
Check out the party websites to see how you can be involved in a campaign this summer!
Utah Democrats
Utah Republicans
Congressman Rob Bishop’s campaign:
Congressman Chris Stewart;
Jason Chaffetz:

Spencer Jenkins is currently the Assistant Commissioner for Public Affairs with the Utah System of Higher Education. His political experience includes w


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