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Giving Back

It's 2,084 miles to D.C. from where the sagebrush grows in Logan, Utah, but our Aggie interns are committed to making the journey.

Each year, scores of students apply for full-time internships in Washington, D.C., hoping their experiences there will open their minds, teach them hard work and help them make the contacts they need to launch meaningful careers.

Our mission is to help them succeed.

When you donate to the IOGP, you help students follow in your own footsteps and gain the experiences they couldn't have without you.

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How to Give Back

The Circle of ‘88
With an annual donation of $1,000 or an ongoing monthly draft of $88, you automatically enter our Circle of ’88. The Circle brings together those whose generous giving advances USU’s founding principles – teaching, research and service. By joining the Circle of ’88, you can ensure that future generations of students continue to have the chance to learn and grow through internships.  Join the Circle of '88

Travel Fund
The average round-trip flight to D.C. is $900, and once there, commuting expenses may cost several hundred additional dollars. These expenses are large enough to keep many students from even getting off the ground. Your donation to this fund ensures students are able to reach their intern destination.

Housing Fund 
USU provides subsidized housing, but interns still pay $800 monthly, several times the cost of housing in Logan. Your donation to this fund ensures this expense doesn’t prevent a student from pursuing an internship. 

Send a Donation in the Mail
If you would like to make a cash or check donation you can send it by mail. Please print and fill out this donation form
  and mail it with your donation.


Take on an Aggie
You can also help students succeed by providing new internship opportunities. If want us to contact you about a potential partnership with the IOGP, please email and put "Internship Opportunity" in the subject line

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