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Buying Babies.

Buying babies? In chapter 13 of Law’s Order, Friedman writes on the controversial subject of buying babies. When I first read the title of the section I thought, “Wow this chapter is completely ridiculous”. However as I read through his argument about the concept of selling babies I have to admit that I now think that perhaps it might be a good idea.

Throughout this course I have learned a lot about economics. If there is one thing I have learned it is that those individuals who value a particular object the most will find a way to get it. So it naturally follows that those who are seeking to be parents would be willing to pay top dollar for a child. And it also seems pretty clear to me that if a mother is willing to sell her baby then perhaps she is not the most suited to be a mother and it is a good thing that she is willing to give up her child. It’s a win-win situation.

In high school my best friend got pregnant. She struggled with the decision to keep her baby or put her son up for adoption. In the end she chose adoption because she knew that she wasn’t ready to be a mother. Her medical expenses were covered by the adoptive parents, which is a common practice, however she was in no way compensated for giving them her son. Now she is doing everything in her power to become a great woman, a good wife, and eventually a successful mother. However I see her struggle as she tries to pay for school. As I read this chapter I could not help but to think that even though it seems wrong, I wish that there was some way that my friend could have been compensated for making the right and responsible decision for her son.

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