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New Series: Thoughts from the Bullpen

At Strata we have an area of the office called ‘The Bullpen’.   This is where the undergraduate researchers work.  As you can see in the photos, this area is open and encourages discussions that are held with everyone in the office. Jokes are told, ideas explored, and a truly enjoyable time is had by all.

Today we are starting a new series within this blog, called ‘Thoughts from the Bullpen’. This idea was first conceived as a way to allow the researchers to write about their own ideas in their own voice.  Though this will be the base, we hope that it will be so much more.  We want the conversations we have in the bullpen to extend to a wider group of people, ideas, and viewpoints.  We encourage participation through the comments and email responses that may be posted. (ian@strata.org)

We are hopeful that the ideas and discussions we share within the bullpen will grow and flourish with more people joining with us.

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