Utah State University

Op-Ed: Coal, gas, oil and uranium are still best energy alternatives

An op-ed exploring energy alternatives, written by USU’s William F. Shughart II, was published by the Salt Lake Tribune last night.  This excerpt is from the op-ed:

“The Carbon Power Plant, Utah’s oldest coal-fired electricity generating facility, will close in 2015 because not enough physical space is available for the equipment needed to meet the EPA’s new mercury limits. … Dozens of U.S. coal mines have closed, idling more than 150 of them this year and leaving thousands of miners jobless. Implicit in the administration’s hostility to coal is an assumption that other, greener energy sources are available to continue to ensure reliable and adequate supplies of electricity. But that is just whistling in the wind.”


Read the op-ed here.   http://www.sltrib.com/sltrib/opinion/57063496-82/coal-oil-gas-uranium.html.csp.

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