Let us first congratulate you on your admit to Utah State and extend you a very warm welcome. We are working on a wiki but in the meantime you will find answers to most common questions here.

What are my chances of getting an admit in USU
This will help you evaluate your chances of getting an admit.

Will I be funded at USU?
Most students do receive some sort of funding from their first semester itself. You may receive an assistantship along with your admit or you may come here and apply for a "waiver job", which entitles you to a out of state tuition waiver along with a monthly salary. Waiver jobs are usually found within your department. Some examples of a waiver job are teaching assistant, research assistant, grader, lab consultant, etc.

What are my chances of getting a waiver job?
Your chances are based on a very complex formula involving the phase of the moon, what you had for breakfast and your date of birth. Its all very complicated so we won't go into the details here. Let's just say that your chances are pretty good.

OK, I'm fairly confident that I'll get a waiver job, how much will I need per semester?
Typical expenses include the following:
Monthly rent - $200 (shared room) or $275 (private room)
Food (per month) - $150
Tution & Insurance (per semester) - $2500