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Mission Statement:

Issues of preservation and sustainability have concerned societies throughout time. Responses to these issues have often succeeded but some have failed. As a result of various failures, our planet is spiraling towards ecological instability.

Despite our past mistakes as a civilization, a new trend is emerging towards renewable energy, sustainable agricultural, engineering, and architectural practices. Continuing this momentum and learning from the successes and failures of our past will help to ensure a prolonged and secure future.

The Sustainable Landscapes Conference in 2008, organized by the Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning students, will focus on bettering the issues facing our society today by examining sustainable practices of the past, present, and future.

The conference will be divided into three sections: pre-historical practices, present day approaches, and potential scenarios for the future. The first group of speakers will examine the practices of prehistoric cultures from an archeological perspective, what worked and what has not leading eventually to the destruction of these societies. The second group of speakers will discuss current sustainable practice trends in agriculture, architecture, and renewable resources. The third group of speakers will theorize on what practices may be the standards for our future cities.

Registration Information:

To register for the conference, download the registration form (click on the link below), fill it out, include your registration fee, and mail it all in. Spceific informaiton on costs, and where to mail it will be on the registration form.

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