Sustainable Landscapes began in 1999 as a symposium organized by a small group of graduate students in the Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning Department of Utah State University. The students felt that sustainable design and planning issues were not adequately addressed through the existing curriculum. Organizing themselves into a student association, initially titled “From the Ground Up”, they developed a seminar course taught by students, for students. The Sustainable Landscapes Conference, held in the spring semester, was the culmination of their efforts.

Each year new students continue to explore the practical dimensions of sustainable design and planning through the organization and presentation of the Sustainable Landscapes Conference. Attendees of the conference come from a variety of disciplines including: landscape architecture, environmental planning, natural resources, economics, political science, sociology and the humanities.

The event seeks common ground between divergent disciplines and values, providing designers the tools needed to successfully implement interdisciplinary projects. While it has traditionally attracted members of the allied design professions of planning, architecture and engineering, the conference addresses design – the systematic process of assessing, analyzing and proposing solutions to complex problems – in the broadest sense. Business leaders, government officials and community members, essentially anyone committed to designing a more sustainable future, will benefit from participating.

Conference Histories
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2001 - Landscape Frontiers


2002 - Landscape Transects


2003 - Landscape Uncommon Ground


2004 - Desert Water: Shaping Our Future


2005 - Landscape Cycles: Connecting People to Place through Agriculture


2006 - Wildland and Urban Restoration: Process for Rejuvinating Place


2007 - Equality of Life: Realizing Social Justice and Human Dignity through Design.



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