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11/14/2011 - Academic Senate Minutes


Pass changes to the Arts Senator Charter (second reading) and discussion about an AOF Applicant from the previous week's meeting. Creation of two committees to address Open Source Textbooks and the online course fees

11/28/2011 - Academic Senate Minutes


Discussion about a resolution that may come to Academic Senate about tuition differences at Main Campus and USU Eastern. Officers vote to allow Arts College to adjust their Classroom Improvement Fund award from last year. Extensive discussion about Classroom Improvement Fund Applications and communication between ASUSU and the Colleges.

11/29/2011 - Executive Council Minutes


Extensive discussion about Elections Week especially with the finalization of the schedule and the passing of several bills. ECB 2012-02, ECB 2012-05, and ECB 2012-06 passed after their second reading. ECB 2012-03 was amended. There was some discussion about the Tuition Plateau changing from 13-18 credits to 12-18 credits. This would also apply to USU Eastern (formerly College of Eastern Utah where the credit plateau is 10-18). The proposed changes would increase costs to part time students and reduce costs to full time students.

02/13/2012 - Executive Council Minutes


Presentation by Busteed for Aggies Giving Service. Creation of an Online Course Fee Committee.

02/23/2012 - Stater's Council Minutes


Discussion on changes to the ASUSU Constitution which will be on the ballot. Presentation of proposed and approved student fees for 2012. Presentation about Tier II Tuition.

02/26/2013 - Executive Council Minutes


President Albrecht came in to speak with us about Tier II Tuition. Vice President Dwight Davis spoke about charging course materials to student account. Elections were discussed.