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How to get a License?

Any merchandise using USU's trademarks must be licensed through the university licensing agent, The Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC). CLC's application guide covers all of the information needed and fees required to obtain a license to produce USU merchandise. The licensing process typically takes two to three months, while others may take considerably longer depending on how quickly they meet the requirements. The process is divided into three phases.

Phase I:

Complete and submit a CLC licensing application.

Phase II:

Submit designs and/or samples incorporating USU’s marks; obtain product liability insurance; purchase CLC holograms per the labeling requirements; complete product specification sheets; and complete Authorized Manufacturer’s Agreement (if applicable).

Phase III:

Execute the CLC Standard Retail Product License Agreement and the CLC Special Agreement regarding Labor Codes of Conduct; provide factory site disclosure, and pay all advance and administrative fees.

Questions regarding licensing, royalties, insurance coverage, artwork, designs, or any subject pertinent to the license agreement, should be directed to USU's Trademark & Licensing Manager in conjunction with Public Relations & Marketing at 435.797.1351 or