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Spring 2016

Access to the People

This Year, Founders Day Celebrates Utah State University's Core Purpose

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An Aggie at the Oscars

An Aggie at the Oscars

The story of a boy in India given the chance to Chase a dream.

Transdisciplinary Research Calls USU's Haeffnerto to Antartica

USU's Melissa Haeffner has been selected as one of 78 scientists to make an all-woman leadership and research expedition to Antartica later this year.

USU Scientists Delights in New Wave of Astronomy

USU Scientists Delights in "New Wave" of Astronomy

Einstein imagined it on paper 100 years ago, but when gravitational waves created by the collision of two black holes were recorded on earth last September, well, scientists the world over got a little giddy - USU thinkers included.