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Summer 2016

Truman Scholar Madelyn Fife

"I'm OK with Proving My Merit"

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A friend's take on legacy

A Friend's Take on Legacy

They were two friends in grad school sharing an intense passion for civil rights, a 1960s distrust of authority and a love of baseball. Now a lifetime later, USU's venerated Ross Peterson wants to make sure we all understand what he sees as the true legacy of our soon-to-retire President Stan L. Albrecht.

The Northernmost Alumnus

The Northernmost Alumnus

Craig George's mother authored young-reader books about communing with nature. But that doesn't make working side-by-side with Inupiat elders, redefining the lifespan of bowhead whales, caring for wolves, artic fox and polar bears normal does it? Let's ask Barrow, Alaska's, resident Aggie.

Providing Power in Haiti

Providing Power in Haiti

When Nick and Irene Eastmond arrived in Haiti earlier this year, they hoped to bolster education in that country, fostering the skills that would encourage leadership, entrepreneurship and problem-solving.