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Fall 2017

USU Arts Through the Generations

The Year of the Arts celebration kicked off on July 21 at the Caine Lyric Theatre with a gala event marking the Lyric Repertory Company’s 50th anniversary season. It is a year, with help from the Caine College of the Arts, that promises to focus on showing how the arts affect individuals and add a richness to living.

In this Issue

Finding his Place

Finding his Place

It has been an arduous journey from Iraq to Logan for Sergeant Kenneth Christian Ray Anderson, but he found a haven in the classroom. University support services, such as USU’s Veterans Resources Office, are in place to help the university’s 500 veterans transition from combat to the classroom.

Sage Lessons from Sage-Grouse Conservation

Life Lines: Giving and Receiving the Most Personal of Gifts

The loss of a life to save life was a bittersweet paradox for USU alumni Annalisa and Forrest Purser. As a young boy, Forrest was diagnosed with a disease that only a new liver could cure. Since 1991, the number of people on the national transplant waiting list has increased to nearly 120,000 individuals, while the number of donors have grown at a quarter of the pace.

Stuffed Big Blue sitting in a field

Breaking Through

USU has pioneered a program that intervenes for kids with sight and hearing loss. USU’s Ski-Hi Institute uses specialized paraprofessionals, called interveners, to work with children similar to how Anne Sullivan worked with Helen Keller.