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Spring 2017

Faces of I Will

Sexual Violence: the Complex and Horrifying National Problem

In this Issue

Noelle Cockett

On Abilities, Strengths and Sheep Eyelashes

She's been a shining example of Utah State University leadership for years, but you may be surprised by some of the unique lessons that have shaped the continuing education of newly named President Noelle Cockett.

Teresa and Curtis Frazier

Finding their Navajo Way

"I don't see color..." Teresa Frazier says, but she and her husband, Curtis Frazier, have certainly had their eyes opened after making the move to try to balance their adopted Anglo-American heritage with the Navajo culture they were born into and now seek to better understand.

Haight ALumni House

Talk About Institutional Memory!

Add your stories to the history of the Haight Alumni House.