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Summer 2017

Appreciating the Motivations of Jimmy Moore, USU's “Mr. Aggie“

Jimmy Moore and his wife, Debra, attend every game. They sit in Section E of the Dee Glen Smith Spectrum, next to the student section. He's not one to yell at the referees or the opposing team, instead providing commentary and critiques on his favorite player on the team this year, the senior with the afro and crisp "14" on his jersey.

In this Issue

Fusing Passion for Welding into Love of Learning

Fusing Passion for Welding into Love of Learning

A few days after his 19th birthday, a Utah State University Eastern student relaxed in his instructor's office with a big grin. He described how, as a kid, he hated school, yet he is now the top welder in the United States.

Sage Lessons from Sage-Grouse Conservation

Sage Lessons from Sage-Grouse Conservation

When the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service decided not to list the greater sage-grouse for protection under the Endangered Species Act in 2015, Terry Messmer, Utah State University Extension wildlife specialist and director of the Berryman Institute was surprisingly good with that decision.

Stuffed Big Blue sitting in a field

Hey! What's in that Li'l Blue Box?

Imagine this, the doorbell rings and you go to the porch to find that UPS left you a blue package that says “Surprise!” You approach the package reluctantly, and then you see the USU Alumni Association seal on the outside that eases your nerves, sure, but does little for your bewilderment. “Why on earth are they sending me a package out of the blue?”