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Articles on Reserve

The Chapters from Wheelock as well as Self-Check Exercises/Answers, a Synopsis of Forms and Vocabulary (English-to-Latin and Latin-to-English) can be found on electronic reserve. All these can be accessed by following these directions:

1. Go to http://eres.usu.edu.
2. Click on Electronic Reserves & Reserves Pages.
3. Click on the Course Reserves Pages by Instructor tab (far right).
4 . On the pull-down menu, select TITCHENER, Fran or DAMEN, Mark. Click the VIEW button.
5. Under Course Number, click on LATN1010 (first-term Latin) or LATN1020 (second-term Latin).
6. Enter the password which I gave to you in class and click ACCEPT. [If you've forgotten the password, you can email me.]
7. Open the folder entitled "LATN1010" or "LATN1020" and choose a document (pdf) to download and print.


Home/Index of Chapters


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