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Answers to Ayers, English Words from Latin and Greek Elements, 2nd Edition (1986).
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Lesson 5 (Greek), pp. 190-191

1. epi- into (sections)
TOM- cut
"seen chapter by chapter, overview";
(a) typical thing
(b) summary

2. ec- out
CENTR- center
"off-center"; the condition of being out of the ordinary

3. en- in, on
DEM- people
"found in a people"; peculiar to a certain people

4. anti- against
AGON- struggle
mutually opposed, conflicting

5. GLOSS- language
"term from a foreign language"; list of special words with explanations

6. eu- good
THANAS- death
painless killing, mercy killing

7. ex- out
OD- road
departure, usually of a large group

8. epi- (up)on, against
DEM- people
outbreak of a disease that affects many people in a population

9. PAN- all
DEM- people
a disease striking a vast geographical area

10. exo- outside
GAM- marriage
marriage outside one's own group, clan, tribe, etc.

11. epi- on
TAPH- tomb
"written on a tomb"; words inscribed on a tomb

12. a(n)- no
(H)EM- blood
"bloodless"; lacking strength, power or vigor

13. en- in
CYCL- circle
"circulated letter"; a papal letter to bishops

14. dys- bad, disordered
TROPH- grow
disease characterized by the progressive wasting away of muscle tissue

15. epi- upon, on
HEMER- day
lasting only a short time

16. apo- off, out
STOL- send
"(those) sent out (by Christ)"; coming from the Apostles

17. epi- to
STOL- send
"(things) sent to someone"; p.t. to letters

18. eu- good
LOG- speech
a speech in praise of someone or something

19. eu- good
ANGEL- message
p.t. those Protestant sects which stress atonement through faith

20. epi- in addition, after
LOGUE- speech
a concluding part to a book


Lesson 6 (Greek), pp. 194-195

1. syn- together
TAX- put in order
word order in a sentence, sentence structure

2. meta- changed
PHOR- go
"go in a different form"; an implied comparison

3. hypo- beneath
DERM- skin
injected under the skin

4. a(n)- not
(H)OM- regular
"irregularity"; a departure from the usual rule

5. para- contrary to
DOX- teaching, observation
true but contrary to common sense

6. hyper- over
TROPH- grow
excessive development

7. a- not
GNO- know
p.t. one who holds that the existence of God is unknowable

8. eu- good
PHOR- go
"go to a good place"; a feeling of elation, well-being or happiness

9. meta- changed
BOL- put
p.t. the breakdown or build-up of substances involved in vital processes

10. syn- together
(H)OD- road, journey
"meeting, assembly"; a church council

11. meta- different
MORPH- form
changed, transformed

12. para- alongside
PHER- bear
extraneous material

13. pro- before
GNO- know
to foretell from signs, predict

14. peri- near
GE- earth
the point in an orbit in which a satellite is closest to Earth

15. hyper- over
BOL- throw
an extravagant expression used for effect

16. anti- opposite
ONYM- word
a word having a meaning opposite to another

17. en- in
DEM- people, population
an animal prevalent in an area, a native animal

18. peri- around
PHER- go
the outside boundary

19. syn- together
LOG- reasoning
"calculation"; p.t. a specious or devious argument

20. HOM- same
ONYM- word
words having the same pronunciation or spelling but not the same meaning