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Lesson 15 (Greek), pp. 239-240

1. anti- against
NOM- law
-ian p.t.
-ism practice of
arbitrary contrariness to the law or standards

2. anti- opposite
PHON- voice
-y act of
the responsive singing of verses in harmony by two choirs

3. COSMo- universe
-log(y) study of
-ist one engaged in
one who studies the universe and its laws

4. para- different
PHRA- say, speak
-se result of
restatement of words into a different form

5. apo- away
STROPH- turn
-ize to
to stop and address a remote party, digress

6. a- not
TYP- model
-ic/-al p.t.

7. meta- changed
THE- put
-sis act of
the transposition of sounds or letters

8. para- beside, aside
-en in
THE- put
-tic/-al p.t.
p.t. asides which serve to explain

9. peri- around
PHRA- speak
-sis act of
roundabout expression (cf. circumlocution)

10. LITHo- stone
-graph writing
print made from a stone or metal plate on which ink is daubed

11. meta- changed
STA- stand, be
-sis result of
instance of the transference of a disease between parts of the body

12. POLY- many
GON- angle
-al p.t.
having many, sharp angles

13. syn- together
BIo- life
-sis act of
the intimate coexistence of organisms for their mutual benefit

14. epi- on
LEP- seize
-tic p.t.
p.t. a mental disorder characterized by convulsions and loss of consciousness

15. cata- down, bad
STROPH- turn
-ic p.t.
characterized by widespread calamity

16. CANON- accepted list (of saints)
-ize to
to treat as a saint, glorify

17. AUT- (for one)self
OP- see
-sy act of
a coroner's (own) examination of a dead body, post-mortem

18. en- in(to)
ERG- work
-ize to add
to impart energy into, apply voltage to

19. MESo- middle part of
ZO- animal
-ic p.t.
p.t. the interval of life on earth between 220 and 70 million years ago

20. syn- together
CHRON- time
-ize to make
to cause to move in unison


Lesson 16 (Greek), pp. 242-244

1. MONo- one, lone
-mania madness for
excessive interest in one thing, one's obsession

2. MONo- one, only
THE- god
-ist one believing in
-ic p.t.
p.t. a belief in the existence of only one god

3. PENTA- five
GON- angle, corner
-al p.t.
having five angles and sides

4. MONo- one
GAM- marriage
-ous p.t.
having only one mate during a lifetime

5. POLY- many
syn- together
LAB- take, understand
-ic/-al p.t.
-ly English adverb
in a manner characterized by the use of big words

6. HOMo- same
GEN- kind
-ize to make
(verb; participle)
to make uniform or similar

7. HEXA- six
-meter measure
a poetic line having six feet

8. PROT- first, primary
AGON- struggle, contest
-ist one engaged in
the main character of a play

9. MONo- one, only
LITH- stone
(a) (noun) large stone
(b) -ic p.t. (adj.) imposing, solitary

10. PROTo- first
TYP- model
an original model, the first full-scale functioning model

11. MONo- one
CHROM- color
a mass of single color

12. STEREo- solid
-scop(e) instrument for viewing
-ic p.t.
allowing things to be seen in depth

13. MONo- one, single
-gram thing written
design consisting of a person's initials made into one character

14. DI- two
LEM- take, go
-ma result of
a situation that involves a choice between two equally unpleasant alternatives

15. TRI- three
-logy system of
group of three related plays written by one author

16. DICHo- in two
TOM- cut
-y state of
division into two parts

17. MON- alone
-ast one engaged in
-ic p.t.
resembling life in seclusion

18. PROTo- first, primitive
ZO- animal
-an p.t.
primitive animal consisting of one cell

19. MONo- one
-graph thing written
scholarly treatise on one particular subject

20. MONo- one, only
LOGUE- speech
a dramatic passage in which only one character speaks


ANSWERS (Exercise III, p. 244)

1. e
2. h
3. a
4. j
5. b

6. i
7. d
8. f
9. c
10. g