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Lesson 7 (Latin) pp. 58-60

1. MAGN- great
ANIM- mind
big-hearted, generous

2. in- not
IQU- equal
unfair, unjust, lacking justice

3. MAL- bad

4. MULT- many
PLIC- fold
a large number, a great variety

5. BON- good
BON- good
candies, treats

6. in- not
ANIM- life
being without life

7. MILL- 1000
ENNI- year
(a) period of 1000 years
(b) period marked an important turn of events after a long time

8. ad- to
GRAV- heavy
to distress

9. con- very
PUNCT- point, sting
remorse, guilt, uneasiness

10. ex- out
PLIC- fold
clearly expressed

11. pr(o)- forth
ob- toward
FER- bear
an offer (of acceptance)

12. con- together
re- back
LAT- bear
systematic and mutual connection

13. in- against
CANT- sing
spells, verbal charms

14. se- without
CUR- care
to guard (i.e. to protect such that there are no cares or worries)

15. BI- two / QUADR- four
ENNI- year
(a) every two years;
(b) every four years

16. sub- under
CESS- go
consistently, without interruption

17. com- together
PLEX- fold
a thing fashioned in a difficult or intricate manner

18. inter- between
VENT- come
pertaining to one who practices mediation

19. EQU- equal
ANIM- mind
even-mindedness, calmness, composure

20. OPTIM- best
to make best