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Answers to Ayers, English Words from Latin and Greek Elements, 2nd Edition (1986).
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Lesson 24 (Latin), pp. 133-4: Words with uncommon meanings

1. ad- very
GRAV- heavy
-ate to make
to load on

2. con- very
FORT- strong
-able able to be
strengthening, supporting

3. con- together
VEN(i)- come
-ence state of

4. con- very much
VERS- turn
-ion act of
action of revolving

5. con- completely
VINC- conquer
-ed Eng. participle

6. DECIM- ten(th)
-at(e) to (take)
-ing Eng. participle

7. de- down from
DUCT- lead
-ed Eng. participle

8. de- down
JECT- throw
to evict

9. de- down
PEND- hang
to hang

10. ex- out
CURS- run
-ion act of

11. FACT- do
a thing done, crime

12. ob- in the way
JECT- throw
to expose

13. pre- forth
TEND- stretch
to offer

14. pre- forth, before
VAL- be strong
-ent -ing

15. pre- before
VENT- come
to act beforehand, anticipate

16. pro- forth
DUC- lead
lengthened, extended

17. PUNCT- point
u(ous) t.t.
-ate to
to point out

18. trans- across
LAT- carry
-ed Eng. participle


Lesson 24 (Latin), pp. 135-136

1. pre- forward
CIPIT- head
-ate being
headlong, hasty, in a great rush

2. ex- out, former
PATRI- fatherland
-ate being
an exile from his homeland

3. re- back, away
NUNCI- announce
-at(e) verb suffix
-ion act of
rejection, abandonment

4. in- not
AUD- hear
-ible able to be
unable to be heard

5. pre- before
SCI- know
-ent -ing
having foresight

6. ART(i)- art, skill
FACT- make
a man-made object, tool, ornament

7. re- back (up)
PLET- fill
full, abundantly provided

8. in- in, on
VID- see, look (down)
-ious full of
"look on (with contempt)"; causing ill will

9. ex- out (loud)
NUNCI- announce
-ate to
to state, utter

10. SAT- enough
-iety state of
condition of being overly gratified or having had too much

11. SENT- feel, think
-ent showing
-ious having the character. of
-ly Eng. adverb suffix
in a moralizing manner

12. CARN- flesh
-al p.t.
fleshly, sexual

13. con- together
PORT- carry
conduct, behave

14. ob- against
PRESS- press
-ion act of
the imposition of unreasonable burdens

15. ex- out, comletely
PROPRI- one's own
-ate to
to take, make something one's own property

16. con- with, very much
TENT- strive, fight
-ious full of

17. re- back
PRESS- press, push
-ive t.t.
tending to restrain harshly

18. in- not
con- very much
SEQU- follow
-ent -ing
-ial p.t.

19. AUD- hear
-it(e) verb suffix
-ory serving for
p.t. hearing

20. in- in
CARN- flesh
-ate being
in person, personified, in human form


Lesson 25 (Latin), pp. 137-138: Latin words and phrases in English

1. AG- do
-end(um) that which must
be -ed
list of "things that have to be done"

2. ANIM- feeling
"(strong negative) feeling"; ill will, violent hatred

3. con- together
GER- carry, bring
(noun; n.b. singular!)
"accumulation, heap"; collection

4. con- together
SENS- feel
"agreement, concord"; collective opinion, general agreement

5. con- very much
RIG- straighten
-end(um) that which must be -ed (pl. -a)
"thing(s) to be corrected" (pl. list of errors); error(s)

6. CRED- believe
"I believe"; statement of belief

7. CRUC- cross
"cross"; central issue

8. DICT- say
"word"; saying, maxim

9. ex- out
FLU(V)- flow
"flow-outs, outlets"; noxious vapor, offensive odor

10. ex- from
TEMPOR- time, moment
"from the time being"; off the cuff, offhand, without preparation

11. GRAT- grateful
"out of gratitude"; free of charge

12. inter- between
"in the meantime"; provisional

13. MINUT- small
(noun; n.b. plural)
"smallnesses"; trifling or insignificant detail(s)

14. OMN- all
"for all"; including all sorts of different items

15. pro- forth
SPECT- look
"outlook"; a brief sketch of a proposed commercial enterprise