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Do you need to take the placement exam?

The last day to take the ALEKS Exam for Fall 2018 Semester is Friday, August 24th.

(Note: After August 24th there will be no ALEKS testing allowed.  We will begin testing for future semesters on October 1st, 2018.)

If you have earned any of the following scores/credits sufficient to place you into a math or stats course, within the past one year (three semesters: spring, summer, fall), you can use these as prerequisites and do not need to take the math placement exam:

  • A passing grade (C- or higher) in a college-level math course
  • A sufficient score on the ACT or SAT math exams
  • A sufficient score on an AP Calculus exam
  • Credit for the IBO Mathematics exam

USU uses ALEKS PPL for placement, preparation and learning.

Link to ALEKS PPL through USU banner account