Nurses work to promote health, prevent disease and help patients cope with illness. They are advocates and health educators for patients, families and communities. When providing direct patient care they observe, assess and record symptoms, reactions and progress in patients; assist physicians during surgeries, treatments and examinations; administer medications and assist in convalescence and rehabilitation.
Recommended high school courses for students who wish to pursue nursing include algebra, chemistry and biology.
Nursing at USU

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USU Cooperative Program with Weber State University:

Weber State University (WSU), in cooperation with Utah State University (USU), offers an Associate Degree in Nursing Program at USU’s Logan campus. This program is designed to prepare qualified students for the NCLEX Registered Nurse licensing exam. The Nursing Program is accredited by the Utah Board of Nursing and by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission. Weber State University is an agency member of the National League for Nursing Council of Associate Degree Nursing Programs and the Council for Practical Nursing Programs. The program combines liberal art studies with professional nursing courses and clinical experience.


Initially, students are admitted into Utah State University to take their general education and supporting science courses in order to become competitive applicants for the Weber State RN program. Pre-nursing students should be aware that they will need an undergraduate GPA near or above 3.5 to be competitive for acceptance into the Weber State University RN program in Logan. The higher the student’s GPA, the better the chances of being accepted into this program.


All pre-nursing students should sign up for the pre-nursing email list. To subscribe, visit You can unsubscribe at the same site.


It is strongly recommended that pre-nursing students make an appointment to meet with Doug Watson, admissions advisor from Weber State University, as soon as possible during or before their first semester on campus. To schedule an appointment, contact him at 1-800-350-7042 or . He visits USU's Logan campus four times each year and the Biology Advising Office will notify students of these visits via the pre-nursing email list.


Once accepted by WSU into the RN program, students become WSU students taking courses on the USU campus. Students will then complete their nursing curriculum and most of their clinical experiences will be in Logan facilities. Students will graduate from Weber State University with an Associate of Applied Science or Associate of Science Degree in Nursing. After graduation, students with the Associate of Science Degree may apply to the Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing at Weber State University. Contact the campus coordinator, Jon Kelly at for more information. 


Coursework in nursing covers such aspects as nursing care, diagnostic procedures, the use of specialized equipment, medical and surgical intervention, and needs of the child, adolescent, and adult in the health care setting. Other courses are microbiology, psychology, English, chemistry, anatomy, nutrition, physiology, and pathophysiology.


All students admitted to the program are expected to join the Utah Student Nurse Association (USNA), which provides an opportunity to interact with other members of the profession while developing professional attitudes and responsibilities.


A practical nurse-to-registered nurse (PN to RN) option is available for those who wish to enter the Associate Degree in Nursing program with advanced placement. Applicants who are graduates of approved schools of vocational nursing or who wish to transfer from other schools of nursing must meet the entrance requirements for the Nursing Program. Students must complete all first-year University Studies (General Education) courses before being considered for advanced placement in the program.


Preparing for the Nursing Program

As pre-nursing students prepare to apply for the nursing program, they are encouraged to select a major for a four-year degree at USU.  Although not necessary for acceptance to Weber State University, pursuing a degree at USU will open up many options to the student in the future if not selected for the highly competitive RN program.


Coursework recommended for pre-nursing students, taken in conjunction with their selected major, includes:


Prerequisite Courses (must be completed by the time the student is admitted to the nursing program.)


BIOL 2420 -- Human Physiology

BIOL 2320 -- Human Anatomy

CHEM 1110 -- General Chemistry

Quantitative Literacy -- usually MATH 1050, since it is a prerequisite course for CHEM 1110


Support Courses (these courses can be completed after admission to the nursing program.)


BIOL 2060 -- Elementary Microbiology

NFS 1020 -- Human Nutrition

PSY 1010 -- General Psychology

ENGL 1010 -- Introduction to Writing

ENGL 2010 -- Intermediate Writing

BIOL 2520 -- Pathophysiology

Diversity elective -- USU 1320 is approved by WSU to meet this diversity elective. Additionally, it will meet the USU Breadth Humanities general education requirement.


Letter of Completion

This letter states that the student has completed all the general education requirements for Utah State University. Weber State will accept this letter of completion as "general education complete" and award points for the letter if it is included in application materials for the nursing program. The following requirements must be met for the Letter of Completion:


  • ENGL 1010 (CL1)
  • ENGL 2010 (CL2)
  • Quantitative Literacy (usually MATH 1050)
  • CIL Exam
  • Breadth American Institution
  • Breadth Creative Arts
  • Breadth Humanities
  • Breadth Life Science (NFS 1020 is a nursing support course that counts for USU general education requirements.)
  • Breadth Social Science (PSY 1010 is a nursing support course that counts for USU general education requirements.)
  • Breadth Physical Science (CHEM 1110 is a nursing prerequisite course that counts for USU general education requirements.)


Application Requirements:

  1. Completion of Nursing prerequisite courses
  2. ACT score -- composite of 22 or higher

              a) OR Completion of 25 credit hours from prerequisite/support courses,   

              b) OR Previous degree (Letter of Completion.)


Admission Requirements for WSU Nursing Program:

  1. Completion of Nursing prerequisite courses
  2. CNA
  3. Submission of transcripts for all high school and college attended


 USU Pre-Nursing Program FAQ
For More Information
For more information, contact undergraduate advisor Susan Haddock in University Advising at 435-797-3373, in the Taggart Student Center, Room 304.