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June 15, 2016


Dear Prospective Aggie Marching Band Percussionist,

            In preparation for this fall’s edition of the Aggie Marching Band, we would like to touch base with you—specifically as a percussionist—about the particular challenges of your section.  In order to prepare you, individually and collectively, we have designed the following schedule of clinics and rehearsals to allow you the concentrated time to be a successful group throughout the fall marching season.

            The exercises available on the website <> are all to be prepared on snare drum (save for the separate cymbal audition music), and everyone must audition on this material upon arrival; we will assign players (i.e., snare, tenor, cymbals, bass) based on these audition results.  Please understand that everyone cannot play the same instrument, and we will assign players in August for maximum success of the individuals and the drumline as a whole..  

            University housing is not officially available until Sunday, August 21, but please contact us (435-713-0594) by July 15 if you are staying in a residence hall.  If we know by that date, we can contact housing, and they will be expecting you on August 17 to move into your assigned residence hall room early.

            We ask that you set aside August 17-20 for mandatory percussion fundamentals, including auditions, as well as the Fundamentals (Band Camp) Week for the entire band the following week.  We look forward to the upcoming fall, and hope to include you in our plans.  Please respond to the band mailings at large, and feel free to contact us regarding the percussion section specifically.

See You There. . .

Dr. Jason Nicholson,                Dr. Lane Weaver                                  Thomas P. Rohrer,
Director of Percussion Studies  Assistant Director of Bands                  Director of Bands         Director, Aggie Marching Band   
(435) 797-3008                                                                                               (435) 797-713-0594