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Intent Form

(click for perc. info. [pdf])

June 15, 2016


Dear Prospective Bandmember,

            Our files contain an inquiry that you submitted for information about the Aggie Marching Band.  This is our first official contact with the incoming new members of the 2016 edition of the band.

            Please remember that marching band participation DOES NOT compromise your academic success, and it provides an immediate circle of friends from all colleges of the university.  Further, marching band seldom rehearses every day of the week, and THERE IS NEVER MORE THAN ONE BAND REHEARSAL (including Marching, Wind Orchestra, Symphonic) PER DAY.

            Fundamentals Week begins on Monday, August 22.  In preparation, we must make arrangements for you to move into your assigned residence hall room (the Aggie Marching Band is the only group on campus at that time), and we ask that you help us in that process by completing the enclosed form and returning it to the indicated address BEFORE JULY 15.  This is important because we need to know exactly who will be reporting for Fundamentals Week that begins on Monday, August 22.

            A second important task before we get started is a look at the enclosed 1/4-size scheduling card.  By signing up for the indicated Marching Band course number (either live with an advisor or by telephone) BEFORE scheduling other classes, you can avoid any conflicts with ANY band during the semester.  Marching Band Members are exempt from the CONNECTIONS PROGRAM, as there is no better orientation to Utah State University than Fundamentals Week.  Remember that the Marching Band does not meet every day—although the schedule indicates so—because Wind Orchestra rehearses the days Marching Band does not meet, depending on upcoming weekend game obligations.  A short visit by you to the Band Office Bulletin Board (Room 113, Chase Fine Arts Center) or website ( or our information table on the Taggart Student Center 2nd floor during SOAR before you begin the scheduling process this summer will also help.

            If your plans have changed and you no longer wish to audition for the Aggie Marching Band, please let us know by responding on the enclosed form.  This will enable us to maintain accurate records for the upcoming season.

            Audition materials for Wind Orchestra will be on the Band Board during Fundamentals Week, and they will occur the first week of classes.  If your schedule prohibits marching this year, please remember that the Wind Orchestra and Symphonic Band—which begins August 29—provide additional musical outlets in a strictly indoor setting.  When you register for marching band, the Registration Office will not automatically allow Symphonic Band registration as well; thus, we ask that you register for Symphonic Band a week following the original marching band registration.

            In the mean time, please call with any questions.  We hope your summer is enjoyable and that you will begin a new year with the largest student organization on campus, the family that we call The Aggie Marching Band.


Thomas P. Rohrer, Ph.D.                               Lane Weaver, DMA
Director of Bands                                         Assistant Director of Bands             Director, Aggie Marching Band