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Scheduling for the USU Bands

The online schedule of classes for fall 2014 is incorrect
(Marching band is not exclusively Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays).
The corrected schedule is as follows:

There are six bands annually at USU.  The Aggie Marching Band is scheduled to rehearse Mondays-Fridays during the Fall Semester; however, the group does not meet all five days per week in lieu of a concert ensemble rehearsal at that time. . . thus, the Wind Orchestra and Symphonic Bands, the two concert ensembles in the Fall.  See the Bands’ website (<calendar of events>) for specific daily schedule. 

Wind Orchestra (rehearsing on pre-scheduled Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays) entrance is by audition only, and auditions occur the first week of classes.  Please review the band bulletin board outside Room 113 for audition information and materials upon your arrival.  With the exception of chair placement, there is no audition for entrance to Symphonic Band (rehearsing on pre-scheduled Tuesdays and Thursdays), and Wind Orchestra auditionees not assigned to that ensemble will be assigned to Symphonic Band.  In essence, THERE IS NO MORE THAN ONE BAND REHEARSAL PER DAY at USU.

In the Spring Semester, the Wind Orchestra resumes, and auditions may be required in some sections.  Symphonic Band continues as well on alternate days from Wind Orchestra; thus, many students choose to participate in both!  The Pep Band forms in November with auditions coming from those already participating in marching band.

Finally, the Aggie Marching Band begins rehearsals the week before school starts, and you should contact the Director, Joseph Falvey (435-797-0756, to receive necessary information.

SO . . . To register for the USU Bands of your choice . . .

Simply register for marching band before entering your remaining class schedule to encumber the time for either Symphonic Band or Wind Orchestra, whichever group to which you are assigned through auditions the first week of classes.

You may register for Symphonic Band any time without audition. . . . The only audition is for chair placement. Register for Wind Orchestra upon acceptance through audition the first week of classes.

Note that all bands are scheduled at the same time(s); thus only one band rehearses per day.  The specific daily schedule in posted on the Bands’ website (<calendar of events>).


MUSC 2720 Section 001
CALL#: 40385
Meets:       3:00-4:30 PM   M-T-W-H-F
2 Credit Hours



MUSC 3790 Section 001
CALL#: 40451
Meets:       3:00-4:30 PM      T-H
(First rehearsal: September 18)
1 Credit Hour



MUSC 4700 Section 001
CALL#: 40499
Meets:       3:00-4:30 PM                 M-W-F
1 Credit Hour
(See Bands Bulletin Board [outside of FAC 113] for specific audition information beginning Aug. 18)


MUSC 2210 Section 001
CALL#: 40348
Meets:       11:30-12:45 AM            M-F
1 Credit Hour