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Joining the USU Bands: Step-by-Step

We are pleased to know of your interest in the band program at USU.  Although I suggest that you choose your school based on the programs in your major area, I want to assure you that there will be plenty of opportunities in the USU Bands if you attend our institution.  If your emphasis is Music Education, you are considering one of the finest such programs in the region. 

We have two concert bands and one athletic band (fall: marching; spring: basketball) each semester.  Further, we have two jazz bands, a symphony orchestra, and numerous instrument-specific chamber ensembles.  Entrance varies from full audition requirements to simple chair placements, and each auditioned group does so at the beginning of the fall semester.  Marching Band requires minimal time commitment, meeting three days per week on average (there IS a stipend for participation), and the ensemble begins one week prior to the start of fall classes.

The following highlights a few steps in the process of becoming one of our students:

Get admitted to the University:

1.   Take the ACT or SAT, making sure your scores are sent to us (and other institutions your are considering).

2.   Officially apply and become admitted as a student at USU.  Materials may be solicited from our admissions office (435-797-1079) or the USU website (

Make Further Contact with the Music Department:

1.   If you wish to be considered for a financial award in the music department (as a MUSIC OR NON-MUSIC MAJOR), please call the Music Department (435-797-3015) to receive a packet on the scholarship audition process (also outlined on the department website []), which occurs on two Saturdays in February.  Although recordings are accepted from long-distance students, you may want to attend one of those days to maximize your scholarship chances.  If you have already set up an audition, simply follow through by coming to Logan as arranged.

2.   After the audition—around April 1—we mail our scholarship invitations and contracts to prospective students.  Signed contracts are binding beginning May 1 and must be postmarked by that date to ensure the scholarship binding.

3.   Band mailings automatically come to students that audition for the Department of Music. Summer mailings are June 15 and August 1.


If you provide us your home address, we will keep you on the marching band mailing list—whether you attend a scholarship audition or not—which begins the middle of June. 

I hope the enclosed materials answer any questions you have, but feel free to call or email with any additional inquiries.  In addition, consider yourself welcome to visit us at your convenience or for one of our many performances in the current academic year. Best Wishes!


Thomas Rohrer, Ph.D.
Director of Bands
Director of Music Education
(435) 797-3083