Fanfare for Fifty for Wind Ensemble (2013)

This work was commissioned by and written for the Utah State University Summer Alumni Concert Band at the request of their director since 1993, Nicholas Morrison. The band's tradition goes back to 1963, when the group was founded by USU Music Department faculty member Max Dalby. The creation of the band came as a request. University administrators approached Dalby at that time because they were concerned there wasn't anything for summer school students to do on
campus on Sunday evenings. The idea for the band was born, and Dalby created a popular and ongoing tradition as a service to campus. The following is excerpted from Dalby’s “History of the Utah State University Bands”:

In the summer of 1964, a group consisting of USU band alumni began a series of concerts in the lawn area next to the Amphitheater. These concerts which I conducted until 1993 (with occasional guest conductors) continued in that location, then in the Nelson Fieldhouse, next in an area adjacent to the Student Union Center, and finally in the Kent Concert Hall. USU President Daryl Chase is given credit for initiating these summer concert which are now attended (1995) by nearly two thousand people.

The work is in arch form with fanfare sections at the beginning and end (Eb and F major respectively). The main theme, based on a quartal contour appear twice after the opening fanfare (trumpet soli and upper woodwinds with trumpets) and once (tutti) before the final fanfare section. The middle of the work is two canonic sections (based on an expanded version of the main theme), first in strict form and then with inversions.

The work opened summer concerts of the ensemble in 2013 as a season-long tribute to the ensemble’s golden anniversary.