Apply for an Officer Position

Positions Available:


- organize, plan and facilitate the growth and success of the chapter
- plan and coordinate chapter officer meetings
- plan and coordinate chapter general membership meetings
- meet regularly with chapter advisor
- determine Distinguished Member nominations, with chapter and officer input
- maintain communication with the national liaison
- submit website information to webmaster for inputting
- ensure signature is included on all chapter checks

Executive Vice President:

- work with chapter president to assure the growth and success of the chapter
- oversee the planning of the Induction Convocation
- fulfill the duties of the chapter president in his/her absence
- develop yearly and term goals for the chapter
- attend all chapter meetings

Vice President for Community Service:

- involve members in community service initiatives
- work with the National Office to involve chapter in national service initiatives
- attend all chapter meetings
- submit website information re: activities and service to webmaster for inputting

Vice-President for Planning For College Success (PFCS):

- coordinate the NSCS PFCS Junior High Outreach Program on campus
- establish and maintain relationship with junior high staff
- recruit and train PFCS volunteers on campus
- attend all chapter meetings
- provide NSCS national office regular updates on NSCS Rewards Program
- submit PFCS information for website to webmaster for inputting


- facilitate all correspondence and distribution of materials to chapter members
- record minutes of the leadership and general meetings
- forward notes to chapter members and NSCS national office
- prepare annual chapter budget
- manage and oversee all financial transactions, in addition to chapter advisor
- submit annual financial report to the NSCS national office
- attend all chapter meetings
- submit necessary website information to webmaster for inputting


- attend and take photos at activities and service projects, input to website
- take photos of advisor, presidency, and other members, submit for website use
- submit photos and description of activity to the national office for points
- attend all chapter meetings
- maintain USU NSCS website, input information promptly, keep updated
- report updates to national office for points


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