Forgot your login ID and/or password for the National site?

If you do not know your password, please click on the "E-mail me my password" link located on the blue member login box. If you do not know your login name all National needs to E-mail you your information is your first and last name and E-mail address. If this fails, E-mail ncsc@nscs.org with your name and explain that you need your login ID and password sent to you.

Not receiving chapter E-mails?

Make sure that you have your E-mail address updated in the database. Log-in to your NSCS account and click on "maintain your personal profile information" to check the listed information. If you cannot remember your login ID and/or passward follow the information given above.

Want your E-mail address removed from the mailing list?

It has come to our attention that many of our alumni members are receiving E-mails regarding current chapter activities. Listed below is the method to have your E-mail address removed from the Active Chapter Member mailing listing:

  • Got to www.nscs.org
  • Log In
  • Click on the link "maintain your personal profile information" which is located under the member tools section.
  • Click on "update here" next to the personal information scetion and change your expected graduation date to reflect when you actually graduated. Click on "continue" to complete the process.
  • You will still receive "Alumni Connection" E-mail. Fo you do not want to receive any E-mails, please follow the steps to remove your E-mail address from our database.