Chapter Programs

Planning for College Success

Planning for College Success is NSCS's signature program. The program focuses on "planting a seed" about a college education to high school and middle school students. The program is carried out through mentoring, school assembles, after school activities and culminates in a March to College Day. Our PFCS program is working with MESA at Logan High. As the program matures we hope to expand the program to other schools.

Chapter Members Reward Program

Here's how it works. You get points for each NSCS event you attend. You add these points together at the end of each semester to find out which level of membership you have achieved. We will have prizes for those in all three levels to be awarded at the end of that semester

Organize a service or PFCS activity 25
Participate in a service or PFCS project 20
Attend a social activity 15
Attend a general meeting 10
Submit a service or PFCS project idea to presidency 10
Wear your NSCS shirt to a project or activity 5

Gold Member - 101 +
Silver Member - 51 - 100

Member of the Year - At the end of the school year the member who has the most points will have his/her own special award at the closing social.