Utah State University

Be Well Locations

You can find Be Well options at

The Hub- Grab a Be Well meal for lunch.

The Quadside Cafe- Try a Be Well beverage for a study break!

USU Catering- Get a wonderful, healthy catered meal.

Aggie Ice Cream- Chill with a small scoop with fruit!

Try all the great options!

Be Well Details

$ Save Money $

These options are offered with USU Dining Services only.

10% off every time you buy a Be Well option!

Buy 10 get 1 FREE! Pick up a Be Well Come Back Card at The Hub. Get a stamp every time you buy a Be Well option!

Be Well Meal Criteria

< 600 calories
Helps promote healthy weight!

> 6g fiber
Keeps you fuller longer, promotes gut health, and decreases risk of cancer!

< 30% calories from fat
Promotes healthy weight, decreases risk of heart disease!

Be Well options at The Hub!

Nutrition Facts

White Peach Sorbet




To speak with a dietitian call 797-1660.