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Spring Into Summer Healthy Living Challenge

What is the Healthy Living Challenge?
The Tools You Need (Handbook and Point Tracker)
How Do I Join?/Forming a Team
Important Dates

What is the Healthy Living Challenge?

This fun and exciting program is brought to you by USU Dining Services in association with the University Inn, USU Bookstore, USU Housing & Residence Life, USU Parking & Transportation, USU HURD, and Coca Cola. It is open to adult residents of USU Housing. It is a team effort to live healthy by completing weekly challenges from Feb. 16-April 12. For more info see participant handbook.

How Do I Join?/Forming a Team

Join the Facebook group "Spring into Summer Healthy Living Challenge".

Form a team of any 10 on-campus residents.

Submit team name, name and email of each team member, and team captain's name and email to MarLee Harris, RD through Facebook or email askadietitian@gmail.com.

Once your team is submitted, MarLee will arrange a time for you to eat at The Marketplace for free and get a team photo. You can also submit a team photo through email askadietitian@gmail.com.

The Tools You Need

Participant Handbook

Point Tracker Spreadsheet

This is for both team members and team captains. Individual team members use sheet 1 "Individual Point Tracker." Team captians use sheet 2 "TEAM CAPTAINS Team Tally."


Weekly Team Prize: the winning team each week wins a prize for each member of the team. See important dates for prizes.

Weekly Drawing: Participants are eligible to win an Apple iTouch each week

Team Grand Prize: The overall winning team will receive a nice catered dinner followed by a team shuttle ride to the movies.

Dance Party: All participants will get their groove on at a dance party at the end of the challenge.

Important Dates

February 2-13


February 16-22

Coca Cola's
Drink Water Week
Nice water bottles

February 23-March 1

University Inn's
Sleep Week
Free night's stay at the University Inn

March 2-8

USU Dining's
Breakfast Week
Free Breakfast

March 9-15

Spring Break

March 16-22

USU Bookstore's
Strength Training Week
Free Massages

March 23-29

USU Housing's
Academic Health Week
Free Flash Drives

March 30-April 5

USU Parking &Transportation's
Healthy Environment Week
Shuttle Rodeo...you get to drive a shuttle!

April 6-12

Cardio Activity Week
Free HURD membership




White Peach Sorbet




To speak with a dietitian call 797-1660.