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Feel too Busy to Eat Well?

It’s April and the semester is winding down. Which also means that the final projects and exams are piling up. With so much to do, have you been hearing yourself say, “I’m just too busy to eat well?” You might be saying this on those days you get home and collapse on the couch, hungry and wiped-out. Feeling this way can lead to vending machine snacks, fast-food meals, and late-night pizza delivery. While it’s OK to eat like this for those once-in-a-while rushed days, doing so for the entire month of April is probably not ideal. Luckily, the nutrition team at the USU Wellness Center is here to help! We promise that it is possible to eat well even when you’re extremely busy.Click on the link below to see lots of ideas for healthy snacks and meals that are incredibly quick to put together


Healthy Snacks and Meals


Seasonal Recipes

Microwave Lasagna

Black Bean and Corn Chili

Asian Ramen Coleslaw

Microwave Mexican Egg Scramble



Meet the Dietitian

Nutrition Counseling





White Peach Sorbet



To speak with a dietitian call 797-1131.