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Exercise Tips

Fly Past the Flu

Exercise is a great way to boost your immunity.  Adding physical activity can help ward of illnesses, so go ahead and let sickness eat your dust!

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint, Ride a Bike!

Has the inversion got you down?  Do something good for your heart and the environment, ride a bike.  You can ride your bike to school, work, the store, or up the canyon for a beautiful view.  Wherever you go, you can feel good knowing that you helped your body and the environment! Watch for ice and dress warm.
Need a bike?  Check it out at Aggie Blue Bikes.  http://www.usu.edu/ucc/bikes/

Children, the elderly, and those with respiratory diseases should not go out on air alert days. Click for Logan Air Quality.

Waiting for the spring thaw...

Need some quick exercise but don't want to go outside yet or can't head to the Fieldhouse? Try some of these short workouts from SparkPeople! They are free, quick, and great for your health!
Click here for videos.

Don’t wait, walk! 

Whenever you have to wait for a …doctor’s appointment, restaurant table, oil change, etc. don’t just sit there, walk!  Tell the receptionist that you will be out making the block and will check in at each lap.  This also works for those 10-15 minute breaks between classes and meetings.

Exercise on the Fly

When you are flying, make a few laps around the terminal while waiting for your flight.  It is an easy way to get some exercise during your travels.

Don’t let sodium cramp your style. 

Did you know that too little sodium can lead to cramping during exercises, especially if you are doing strenuous exercise in hot weather.  Adding a little salt may help.  Talk with your doctor if cramping is persistent.  Watch your salt intake if you have high blood pressure.

Outdoor Fun for All Seasons

Mix it up and try an adventure with the ORC (Outdoor Recreation Center) on campus.  They offer great trips and can provide the equipment needed to enjoy the outdoors, no matter the season!

Get a Rock for Valentine's Day

Thinking diamonds...think real rocks! Rock climbing is a great social exercise. It challenges your muscles, smarts, and stamina. Plus you get to meet lots of great people while doing it. If you don't want to rope up, try bouldering (shorter climbs without ropes). Or grab a date and belay your way to great heights. Logan has a high quality, inexpensive climbing gym ROCKHAUS. You can also climb in the Fieldhouse.

Chill Out...Drink Up

Exercising in the cold weather can be breath-taking, but we also need to remember that fluid lose still occurs.  Drink plenty of water during those cold weather workouts.  Also, adding a caffeine-free tea or other warm beverages at night can be a soothing way to jumpstart your fluid status.

Bod on a Budget

You can get in shape without paying an arm and a leg for it.  Resistance bands, hand weights, jump ropes, and exercise balls are inexpensive, portable, and take up little space.  They also make for a great home gym by helping with posture, flexibility, and strength training. 

Try the Campus Rec Service Desk (in the HPER), TJ Maxx or Al’s Sporting Goods for products. You can also get some good deals online.

Websites for your home gym:

Resistance Bands; Exercise Ball; Jump Rope

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