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Accelerated Online
Accelerated Learning Content Development


Accelerated online course options provide alternative pathways through traditional, semester-based online courses. Courses are designed with an accelerated option to allow students to demonstrate proficiency with the subject matter and key course objectives, move quickly through the course, and finish at their own pace. Students who complete the accelerated option save time by earning college credits for what they already know.


  1. Working with an Instructional Designer:
    1. Develop the appropriate accelerated model (see below).
    2. Add the Accelerated Icon or Badge to the course home page.
    3. Add a separate page describing which model will be used and the requirements students will need to complete to show competency.
  2. When the course opens, students inform the instructor of their intent to compelte the accelerated option and begin the comprehensive assessment, project, or self-paced content.
  3. Students can choose to stop the accelerated options at any time before the last day to add/drop and follow the traditional course timeline (unless the course is self-paced). 
  4. Once students complete the required assessments, instructors review it for proficiency and submit a course grade. Credit is applied to the student transcript immediately.
    • NOTE: Grades must be entered directly in Banner and can not be submitted through the "Publish" option in Canvas.
  5. Students who do not demonstrate proficiency revert to the traditional, semester-based course timeline, or receive the appropriate grade for the work completed.

Accelerated Models:

  • Comprehensive Assessment (Oral/Written/Skill)
    • Students must inform the instructor of their intention to complete the comprehensive assesment when the course begins.
    • Comprehensive assessments must be completed by the last day to add/drop classes as defined in the USU registration calendar. 
    • Students who pass the comprehensive assessment are given a final grade. We recommend that students score at least 80% on the assessment.
    • Students who do not pass the comprehensive assessment by the last day to add/drop courses, must complete the course under the traditional timeline, and course requirements (e.g. quizzes, exams, assignments, discussions, etc.)
    • Students cannot retake a comprehensive assessment they have not passed or after they’ve begun the traditional path timeline.
  • Comprehensive Project (Written/Portfolio/Deliverable)
    • Students must have approval from the instructor to complete a comprehensive project before the last day to add/drop classes as defined in the USU registration calendar. 
    • Instructors can decide how much time to allow students to complete the project.
    • Students who are unable to complete the comprehensive assessment by the date determined by the instructor must complete the course under the traditional timeline and course requirements (e.g. quizzes, exams, assignments, discussions, etc.)
  • 100% Self-Paced
    • Students only declare the intention to complete a self-paced option if the course also includes a traditional semester schedule.
    • Self-paced courses do not need to include a traditional semester schedule and all students can complete content at their own pace.
    • It is recommended to include a suggested submission dates, or announcements, throughout the semester to remind students to keep on track.

NOTE: Unlike previous open-entry FLEx courses, students do not register in separate sections, faculty do not need to maintain separate sections of Canvas content, and accelerated options are not considered a separate part of load than the traditional online section.