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Aggie Parents and Family

Leave of Absence

Your student may need to take a break from his or her studies for a period of time. Any time your student will not be attending a semester of classes (summer semester excluded), he or she will need to fill out a Leave of Absence Form.

Common reasons students take a Leave of Absence include:

  • Serving a humanitarian or religious mission
  • Medical problems
  • Financial and employment related issues
  • Military service
  • Family responsibilities

The standard leave period is one year. However, allowances will be made for military activation, church or humanitarian service, and those with extenuating circumstances.

Filling out a Leave of Absence Form

Go to www.usu.edu/loa and follow the directions to complete the form.

Completing this form will benefit your student in several ways:

  • USU scholarships will be put on hold (Private/Donation scholarships awarded will require the student to contact the donor separately for hold requests)
  • Admission status will be held, therefore there is no re-application fee

  • Students and delegates will have direct communication with USU during the student's leave

Preparing for a Leave of Absence

Academic Advising

We recommend that your student meets with his or her academic advisor before leaving to obtain a list of recommended courses to take upon return. The student should contact their academic advisor for advice regarding the classes for which they should register. A list of advisors by major, and their contact information may be found here.

Permission to Release Information

Ideally, your student will set their Security Phrase and identify you as a delegate at id.usu.edu. This process authorizes university officials to share information with you about your student's record. Please note that without this delegation, by federal privacy laws (FERPA), we cannot share anything other than "directory information" (name, address, major, class rank). HOWEVER, if you claim your son or daughter as a dependent on your federal income taxes, then you may file a Parent Declaration of Student Dependency delegation, which would grant you access to complete information.

Please see usu.edu/registrar/htm/ferpa for more details about FERPA .

Keep on File

If you have been assigned as a delegate for your student, gather the following information for your student and keep it where it can be accessed easily:

  • A-number (Student ID Number)
  • Secure password
  • Security phrase
  • Leave of Absence contact information: leaveofabsence@usu.edu , and 435-797-1132
  • Advisor's name, phone number, and email address
  • Advisor's checklist (List of classes suggested that your student should take upon return)
  • Information regarding the student's desired housing including application and payment deadlines
  • Keep in mind that Registration for Summer semester is in early April, Fall semester is in Mid-April,and Spring semester is in Mid-November

Returning from a Leave of Absence

Your student may need some assistance getting back into school when they return from an extended Leave of Absence. If your student has assigned you as a delegate at id.usu.edu you can do the following to help them prepare to attend USU again:

  • If your student is going to be gone longer or earlier than was indicated on their Leave of Absence request contact the leave of absence department at leaveofabsence@usu.edu or call 435-797-1132
  • Refer to the Advisor's checklist or contact the student's academic advisor to find out which classes your student should register for
  • Reset the student's secure password at myid.usu.edu
  • Registration for Summer semester is in early April, Fall semester is in Mid-April, and Spring semester is in Mid-November. If your student will not be home in time for priority registration, follow the step-by-step process of how to register demonstrated here to help them get into the classes indicated by their advisor
  • Make sure that Tuition and Fees are paid by the deadline found at http://catalog.usu.edu
  • On-campus housing arrangements are affordable and will help your student adjust in a fun, social atmosphere. Find more information at www.usu.edu/housing

We thank you for assisting in your son's or daughter's return to USU. We are excited to have your student back as part of the Aggie family. Feel free to contact us with further questions at 435-797-1132 or leaveofabsence@usu.edu