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Parent Orientation Videos

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

Learn how to support the mental health of your student.

Academics, Finances, Student Life

An overview of helping your students navigate the academic, financial and student life at Utah State University.

Academic Success Center

Dennis Kohler, the director of The Academic Success Center, shows parents the vast resources available to help students academically succeed.

Career Services

Students and alumni have access to help in finding a job or a career.

Student ID Card

Parents can learn about the access and possibilities that their student's ID card offers.

Campus Police

Utah State University has it's own police department on campus. You can feel at peace knowing that our campus is safe and protected.

Student Health & Wellness Center

If your student gets sick, have them visit the health clinic on campus! Learn about this free resource to all USU students.

Student to Parent Panel

The most popular presentation at Parent Orientation, our student panel will answer questions that parents want from a student perspective.

Residence Life (On Campus Housing)

If your student is going to live on campus, then you will want to learn about the Residence Life program.

Student Retention

USU's director of Student Retention, Heidi Kesler, talks to parents about how they can make a difference in keeping their students in college.