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Tips for Parenting a Sophomore

Encourage Your Student to Stay Involved

The freshman year is full of intentional programming that is designed to help your student step out of his or her comfort zone and meet new people while becoming involved in the college experience. It is important for your student to continue that involvement during his or her sophomore year. If they have not taken the opportunity to get involved, help them start now. This is a great time to explore, looking into different majors, visiting with advisors and professors, and looking into opportunities such as undergraduate research and study abroad.

Another essential way of being involved is establishing personal relationships with professors and faculty at Utah State. They can be key when searching for ways to strengthen your resume and solidify references for graduate school.


Don't Worry if Your Student Hasn't Found a Major

As other students begin to find a major, and become excited about that major, it can be easy for students who are still undecided to feel like they are falling behind. They often put pressure on themselves, thinking that they have to chart their life-course as soon as possible. Choosing a major doesn't necessarily mean choosing a life-long career. Having a degree will open doors to graduate studies and career opportunities in a variety of fields.

Remind your student that many others are still exploring and changing their majors. Some great ways to explore include visiting Career Services for a career aptitude test, looking at the different degrees offered at http://www.usu.edu/degrees/, and taking classes in many different areas.

Remind Your Student about Study Abroad Opportunities

The USU Study Abroad Office offers many opportunities for students to gain international and global exposure. They work with existing scholarships and financial aid to make the experience very affordable. They can help your student find an English-speaking university in a foreign country, or they can help your student study in a language. Study abroad fairs are held each semester, and students can also drop into the study abroad office for a one-on-one appointment.

Encourage Your Student to Visit Career Services

It is never too early to start preparing for a career after college. In fact, nearly three-quarters of sophomores have not taken this advantage. USU Career Services offers many opportunities for students to explore majors, network with alumni in a given field, and find internships while in school.