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USU Aggie Passport Experience

Departmental Participation

Has your department developed an exciting, informative fall semester event for Utah State students?  An excellent way to build event attendance and have students discover more about the outstanding campus events offered to students is to submit your event as an Aggie Passport event. The passport program is run by the New Student Orientation office and the Office of the President. The program supports departmental programs and provides an incentive for students to learn more about the wealth of campus opportunities.

Guidelines for Aggie Passport Events

  • The event is held prior to November 17, 2014.
  • The event has finalized details including a description, specified time, cost, and location.
  • The event is one at which a stamping table could be easily set up and found by students.
  • The event falls under one of the four featured categories: academic, cultural, community, or social.

Submit your event here by August 19, 2014. The Passport Committee will review submissions after the deadline and inform you if your event is selected shortly thereafter.