Graphic Design

Graphic Design staff handles typesetting and layouts along with outputting customer-created electronic files. Electronic files may be brought to PDP on a disk or sent electronically over the network--see electronic file transfer instructions. PDP has both PCs and Macs and a variety of desktop publishing and graphic programs including PageMaker, Photoshop, CorelDraw, InDesign, and Illustrator. They can provide high resolution- scanning and color proofs on an Epson 5000 printer.


Graphic Design staff will set up your document as requested and print a black and white laser proof of your job. You may come to PDP to see this proof, meet with a PDP representative in the satellite office or request a fax proof be sent directly to your office. After you examine this proof for accuracy and design, specify any changes, it will go back to image prep for revision. Once the proof meets your expectations and you have authorized the job for printing, the final version of the electronic file is sent to Prepress to output to film. A blueline for spot color jobs or a Fuji Color art proof for process jobs would be created depending on the job. This is your final proof before your document is printed. However, making changes at this stage can be expensive. If you would like a press check of your job we can schedule a time for you to see the actual printed piece. After the job is printed it is sent to the bindery for cutting, folding, binding etc to meet your specifications. The finished job is then delivered to you or a predisignated location.