Scholarships & Endowment

The purpose of this committee shall be to identify and determine ways and means of contributing to the PEA Endowment/Scholarship and to promote funding for the annual awarding of PEA scholarship(s) and other awards deemed appropriate by the Executive Committee.

Representative Department/Group Phone Email
Melanie Bowen, Chair Registrar's Office 7-8977

Thanks to the generous contributions of Utah State University's Professional Employees, the Association has awarded over $50,000 in scholarships to over 90 employees and/or their family members since 1989.

Scholarship Recipients - Past and Present

Our goal is to award more money to more students, but we need your help! Sign up to contribute through payroll deduction by contacting Melanie Bowen today. We could increase annual donations by over $10,000 if professional employees who are not currently participating were to contribute just $1.00 per month! 

Click here to print a donation form.

Scholarship application and instructions for 2016-1017 can be found by clicking the following links:



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