Employee Benefits Advisory Board

Craig Whyte, President of PEA, and Guy Ballard, elected member, represent the Professional Employees Association on the Employee Benefits Advisory Board.

From PEA By-laws:

The terms of these two representatives shall be staggered to the extent possible so as to avoid their terms expiring at the same time. By majority vote of a quorum of the Executive Committee, the elected representative’s term may be shortened or extended or the Past President may be asked to continue on the Employee Benefits Advisory Board after their term as President has been completed. Neither representative shall serve more than three years before being reelected in a general election.

To review current employee benefits go to the employee benefits website:


If you have questions or concerns you would like the Employee Benefits Advisory Board to discuss, you may contact your representative.

Representative Department/Group Phone Email
Scott Olson Alumni Center 202 7-0931 Scott.Olson@usu.edu


last update 08.06.15