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Advising at Utah State University is decentralized, meaning that it takes place in satellite advising centers throughout the campus. Under the direction of the Vice President of Student Services, the Office of University Advising (UA) oversees the university advising program.

Academic advising is a significant part of the University's role in the total process of educating students. Advising is a process that encourages students to become engaged in their education. Advising encompasses development and delivery of accurate, up-to-date information regarding career options, educational programs, courses of instruction, resources, policies, and procedures to aid students in pursuing their educational goals.

The academic advising process involves the interaction between students and many segments of the campus community, including faculty members, student services, counselors, staff, and student peers. Both students and advisors share responsibility for making the advising relationship succeed.

The University Advising (UA) website contains an extensive amount of information valuable to advisors.

There are several Professional Development opportunities for professional and faculty advisors. Each year the annual USU Advising Conference is held for all professional, faculty and peer advisors at Utah State University. The goal of this conference is to offer training, support and networking opportunities for advisors as well as an opportunity to share knowledge and experience among colleagues.

The Utah Advising and Orientation Association (UAOA) host annual conferences where advisors from all institutions in the state of Utah gather to network and share.

The National Academic Advising Association (NACADA) hosts a national conference each year where thousands of advisors from the US, Canada and abroad gather to learn from one another. NACADA also includes a clearinghouse on advising issues. Review the information about each general topic to provide to students as a Peer Advisor and about successful Peer Advising/Mentoring programs. Browse through the conference program of the most recent national conference and consider which sessions would be valuable for Peer Advisors to attend.

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Advising at USU
1. What is the key element of the advising process?
2. Name five responsibilities of the student in the student-advisor relationship.
3. Name five responsibilities of the advisor in the student-advisor relationship.
4. What is the role of the University Advising Office in advising at USU?
5. What is the mission of the Peer Advising program?
6. What are the names of the state and national advising organizations? Utah State's advising program is associated with?
7. Describe three components of a successful Peer Advising Program. Include where you learned this information.
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