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The Anthropology Department focuses on how best to support students and help them succeed with their Anthropology training and being at Utah State University.

Helpful information includes:

Review the websites and the information about each general topic that you might need to know to provide to students as a Peer Advisor.

You will need to have access to each of the websites listed above to complete this module.


1. Where is the Anthropology Office located?  What is the Anthropology Office’s contact information?
2. What are the requirements for the major in Anthropology?
3. What are the requirements for the minor in Anthropology?
4. Who is my advisor in the Anthropology Program? When should I come to see my Academic advisor and when should I see my University advisor?
5. What can I do with a degree in Anthropology?
6. What is anthropology?
7. What is the difference between sociology and anthropology?
8. What is the main focus of USU’s Anthropology Program?
9. What courses are being offered this school year?
10. What graduate schools offer MS and PhD in anthropology?
11. What is the lowest grade I can get in a class to have it count towards my major or minor in Anthropology?
12. I’m taking a course that is cross-listed between Anthropology and another Department. Will the class still count towards my Anthropology major or minor? Will a cross-listed course double count in another major or minor?
13. I am a transfer student. Will the Anthropology classes I took at my previous college count towards the major or minor?
14. What is an Independent Study? What does an Independent Study in Anthropology involve and how do I register for one? Can I count an Independent Study towards my major or minor?
15. How do I find out about job, internship, and field school options and opportunities?
16. I'd like to participate in a summer field school or study abroad. Does the anthropology program or USU run any field schools or study abroad programs? Can I get credit for participating in a field school or study?
17. I am interested in pursuing Departmental Honors in Anthropology. What are the requirements of the Honors Program?
18. How and when do I apply for admission to the Departmental Honors Program in Anthropology?
19. When are Honors theses due? How long are Honors theses? Are there any special formatting requirements?
20. What do I need to turn in to fulfill the thesis requirement of the Honors program?
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