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The Biology Department focuses on how best to support students and help them succeed with their Biology training and being at Utah State University.

Helpful information includes:

Review the websites and the information about each general topic that you might need to know to provide to students as a Peer Advisor.


1. What are the upcoming changes to the MCAT?
2. What material is currently on the MCAT?
3. Does USU offer a test prep course for any pre-health professional programs, if so which ones are offered?
4. If I want additional test prep where should I go?
5. Who do I send the students to if they want to do Biology composite teaching?
6. How do students set up appointments with an advisor in pre-health?
7. Where do I go to find the USU equivalent to the required diversity credits for the University of Utah graduate school programs?
8. To what should the students subscribe if they want to be kept up to date with all the activities, orientation meetings, volunteer opportunities, etc that have to do with pre-health/biology?
9. Who is the advisor for the nursing program?
10. What major do you have to have in order to be accepted into a professional program like medical, dental, pharmacy, PA, PT, etc school?
11. Is there a place online that tells me what classes will transfer over from neighboring colleges, if so where do I go to find it?
12. What process do most pre-health students need to go through in order to receive a letter of recommendation from USU, what does this process entail?
13. Does the biology advising office have resources for students that want to look up specific professional schools, study for admissions tests, and study up on their programs?
14. Name 5 of the many clubs that are related to pre-health students and where can students go to find out more about these clubs?
15. When making a four year plan with a student that is pre-dental or pre-medical when would they take the DAT/MCAT and apply for dental school?
16. (True or False) Students filling our AMCAS application for medical school need to wait for both their letters of recommendation and their MCAT score to be received by the application service before they submit their application?
17. Name three things a student can do in order to find research opportunities.
18. What is the purpose behind all the required extra-curricular activities?
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